Orange – Body Hydration
Orange – Body Hydration

Orange – Body Hydration


Simple Skincare – Body Hydration

A lightly protective – quickly absorbed – body hydration with a sunny disposition. Smells like summer and creamcicles.


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Directions: Best applied to the body after a shower, or before/during/after a day in the elements. Use it liberally – and attentively – as it has natural SPF. Be kind to skin – keep hydrated and cover skin when possible.

Ingredients: jojoba oil*, raspberry seed oil*, sweet orange essential oil*, sea buckthorn oil*. *organic

How it works: Hoba and Peri – Buck and Ora, these four are not afraid of a little hot water. They know how to protect each other and keep each other happy, nourished, and beautiful. 

*Please note – This product is in Research & Development. While it currently is a product that last summer kept a few of us sunburn-free with a delicious creamsicle scent – over this next year, it may experience some slight modifications.


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