Clean – Skin Wash – Step 1
Clean – Skin Wash – Step 1

Clean – Skin Wash – Step 1


Simple Skincare – Step 1

A hydrating cleanser that does heavy lifting. This gentle warrior cleans and calms skin without stripping/drying – like a deep spa treatment, every day.


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Soon, very soon – you will be clean.

Directions: Pump 1-2 times into the palm of your hand. Apply Clean from face to chest. Hold hot wet washcloth next to skin – 1 min. Rinse cloth in more hot water, wring out and use to exfoliate – don’t be afraid to rub in areas like your nose and eye makeup. Reapply hot cloth on deep acne spots.

Ingredients: jojoba oil*, castor oil*, lavender essential oil*, geranium essential oil*  *organic

How it works: Hoba, Castor, Lavender and Nium met at a book club. They help each other grow, heal, and go deep. Tea and hugs, saunas and sessions – this team is all about cleaning up and being better – together.

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  1. Tim

    This smells so great, and I love using it at night before I go to sleep. I follow it up with the Hydrate.

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