About us

About us

I’ve been on the hunt for a skincare solution since forever. Discouraged, I went DIY. I began to read. A lot. Then mix. When a bottle was gone, another cropped up with slight tweaks. As I’d learn about another oil, I would add it, and maybe take out another. Though forever a quiet observer, one night my husband mentioned that he thought I had done something special. He thought my skin looked hydrated and he remarked about the pleasant smell.

 I stopped making changes. 

Girls talk. A girlfriend would compliment, mention their unhappiness with xyz, and I’d offer to make them what I was using. What I didn’t see coming was how it would make oily skin less oily, dry skin hydrated, young skin even-toned, and aged skin fresh. 

Things got interesting. One week I stayed with a Sudanese friend in Austin. Her teenage daughter tried it. Her younger sister saw her and said, “You look the same.” We said, “The same as what?” She said, “The same as when you had makeup on.” It was true. Her skin looked just as even-toned and smooth as it did with foundation. 

When I watched my handsomely bald husband use the products for the first time, I noticed that he looked really hydrated, his forehead lines became almost invisible, and there was a gorgeous matte finish on his head, where it can sometimes appear shiny. He looked healthier. Younger.

Every time I thought this was only a side hobby, I received another testimony text, a dermatologist nod, a word of favor over these golden oils… 

So here we are, each product hand blended in small batches in Midland, Texas (formerly Grand Rapids, Michigan). From packaging, to labels, bottles, and anything else we can find ecological sources for, we’ll spend more to use things that are recycled, recyclable, and compostable.

All of this feels redemptive to me. My dearly beloved father died of skin cancer; and now his daughter mixes oils to help others care for their skin – beauty from ashes.

We made it for us – now we make it for you. It is our honor and privilege – soon, very soon…