Jojoba Oil: Found in Clean, Hydrate, Hug, Something, and Orange
Hoba is that friend that isn’t afraid to see you for who you are, and will be gentle with you as you take off any masks you might be wearing. Always balanced, giving you what you need, Hoba is calm and stable. She’s your bestie that defends you from the radicals, because God knows you need time to heal. 
Absorbs quickly
Balances complexion
Oodles of vitamins
Is not an oil, but is a wax ester, and mimics skin sebum
Stable – lasts a long time
Helpful for eczema, psoriasis, and acne-prone skin
Gets makeup off without tugging skin
Defends against free radicals

Castor Oil: Found in Clean
Castor is a curtain-puller. He refreshes you and makes sure that you have plenty of room to breathe, thrive, and be the best version of yourself. When he sees you struggle, he’s not afraid to go deep, and calms you down immediately. Not even serious irritations can hang around you when you stay close to Castor. 
Prevents water loss in skin
Fights Staphylococcus aureus and E.Coli
Penetrates deep into skin
Fights bacteria overgrowth that can clog pores
Softens and hydrates 
Ideal massage oil for aching joints, muscles or tissues

Lavender Essential Oil: Found in Clean and Hydrate
Lavender is your personal therapist. All those anxious thoughts and inflamed situations are quickly resolved. She takes irritations and confusion and clears things up. She can handle areas that need regeneration and can help combat things that have grown bothersome. Say goodbye to your headaches, Lavender is here.
Calms irritated skin
Fights candida
Helps general anxiety
Helpful for eczema and psoriasis
Eases headaches

Geranium Essential Oil: Found in Clean, Hydrate, and Hug
is the buddy that meets you at the gym at 5am, and is committed to seeing you tone up. Concerned about health – mind, body, and spirit – there’s an ability he has to fight back the attacks that keep you unmotivated and unhealthy. Together, you’re a cool workout duo, high on endorphins, relaxed, with no mosquitoes who dare to bother you.
Potent antibacterial and anti-fungal
An astringent
Improves skin tone
Minimizes wrinkles
Slows the effects of aging
Natural bug repellent for mosquitoes and other insects
Uplifting scent helpful for depression, anxiety, and anger
Scent relaxes body and mind
Reduces appearance of eczema and psoriasis
Treats acne, dermatitis and skin diseases.

Rosehip Seed Oil: Found in Hydrate, Hug, and Something
Rose brightens every day. Ever the encourager, she helps hold you together. She keeps you young and clears up troubled situations. She’s especially sensitive to the broken and hurting, and never gets on one’s nerves. When she sees you, your scars begin to disappear, because there’s healing in her hugs.
Brightens, evens out skin
Calms inflammation
Softens skin and improves skin barrier function
Beneficial for rosacea, eczema, and acne
Fights free-radicals
Improves look of scars
Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Regenerative and healing

Seabuckthorn Seed Oil: Found in Hydrate, Hug, Nothing, and Orange
Buck is that friend who frequents farmers markets and whole food stores. He knows what’s in everything and how to feed a body what it needs. He brings waters and umbrellas to the the 90 degree outdoor concerts, and always carries more than you do, because he wants to be sure you don’t get fatigued. He can lift you out of negative situations, and knows what you need before you do.
Rich nutritional profile
Prevents sunburn and provides sunburn relief
Heals wounds – bedsores and cuts
Reduce acne, dry skin, stretch marks, eczema, and dermatitis
Helps with adrenal fatigue
Fights free radicals
Known as “God sent medicine,” or “liquid gold,”  in Tibet, China and Mongolia

Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice: Found in Nothing, Something, and Orange
Vera is the coolest girl you’ve ever met. Once you meet her, you’re convinced that life should not be lived without her. Ever again. When you’ve been burned and a situation has left you sore, she’s never too busy to fight for you, calm you down, or help heal those wounds. She’ll build you up and smooth things out. Whether you do a good job of keeping drama low, or whether everything around you is a dumpster fire, she’ll bring the firehose, and diffuse nearly any crisis.
Reduces excessive inflammation
Fights free radical damage
Slows the aging of cells
Treats acne and eczema, helping the healing process of the skin
Antioxident properties
Builds up the immune system without allergic reactions
Fights skin inflammation after sun exposure
Treats psoriasis, dermatitis, frostbites, burns and inflammation
Eases discomfort and speeds healing of cold sores

Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Found in Nothing and Orange
is your Joanne Gaines kind of friend. She’ll help you renovate your home, and will be sensitive to your needs. Don’t like how your pink room turned out, she’ll help you work through the damaging effects of regretful choices. No need to worry about your look growing old or being too trendy, Peri will keep your look fresh, and classic, whether you’re into wallpaper, or not so much.
Reduces skin irritations such as itching, swelling and redness
Quickly absorbs
Lipid barrier provides moisture retention for skin
Assists collagen production
Slows damaging effects of oxidation
Adds moisture
Restores skin elasticity – reduces appearance of wrinkles
Smooths skin texture
Natural sun protective qualities – a broad-spectrum UV protectant
Helpful for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and acne

Blueberry Seed Oil: Found in Nothing and Something
Blu feels like that friend who’s always been around. Feels like you’ve known her since forever. She fits in everywhere, and can get along with everyone. Making painful situations more palatable, she can reduce problems until they are teeny-tiny, and makes you feel young again. She can soften any rough edges, reduce irritations. If you’re feeling damaged or worn down, she’s the friend you call to bring back the sunshine.
Contains naturally occurring vitamin E
Especially helpful for problem, damaged, maturing or sensitive skin
Protects and repairs the barrier of the skin
Refining effect on the skin
Shown to help acne
Especially useful for eczema and psoriasis
Alleviates pain from burns and is believed to help epithelial tissue regenerate more quickly

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Found in Nothing and Orange
Ora is sweet. Summer breezes and beach days, sweet. Never moody, never cross, never worried. She’s a tonic for all the things; inflaming situations, blemishes, anything that needs cleared up. Her good mood will bring added positivity. She leaves life and vitality in her wake.
Antibacterial properties
A skin tonic with clarifying properties
Helpful for acne
Reduces minor pain and inflammation
Mood enhancer and relaxant – good for anxiety or depression

Vanilla Absolute: Found in Nothing
Van is romantic, but not high-drama. A real mood-lifter, he can reverse the damage left behind from a former romance. Stress takes a backseat when he drives, so that youth and refreshment can take its place. Never anxious or unbalanced, this man softens the deep signs of worry.
Potent Antioxidant
Antimicrobial properties
Prevent and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals
Beneficial treatment for acne
Restores skin brightness
Scent helps alleviate anxiousness and increases libido